OREANDA-NEWS  Belarus is conducting preliminary tests of prototypes of armored personnel carriers (APC) MZKT‑690003. This was announced by the State Military Industry of the Republic in the Telegram channel.

"Goskomvoenprom continues preliminary testing of prototypes of armored personnel carriers developed as part of the BTR-V2 development work," the report says.

It is noted that specialists of the Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant, as well as the enterprises "Bearing" and "Display" conduct firing tests of armored personnel carriers in day and night conditions at the 227th training ground of the North-Western Operational Command of the Ground Forces.

The MZKT‑690003 armored personnel carrier with the 8x8 wheel formula was first introduced in 2021. The vehicle is designed to transport personnel to the place of performance of the task and its protection. The APC received a combat module with a 30 mm automatic cannon, a paired machine gun and anti-tank missiles. The troop compartment of the armored personnel carrier accommodates eight people.

In February, Deputy Chief of Armament of the Armed Forces of Belarus Andrei Fedin said that the upgraded T-72BM2 tank is planned to be put into service in 2023. In May, Military Watch Magazine wrote that the T-72BM2 can surpass the Russian T-72B3 in armor protection, but be inferior to it in mobility.