OREANDA-NEWS The founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, has confirmed that he has had another child. This is reported by Page Six.

According to the billionaire, he did not hide the fact that he now has eleven children. He stated that the expression "secretly conceived", which was used in the news about his new child, is not true. "All our relatives and friends knew,— Musk explained. - From the absence of a press release about the birth, which in itself would be wild, it does not follow at all that I conceived him in secret."

Siobhan Zilis, director of special projects at Neuralink, which was also founded by Musk, became the mother of the eleventh child. This is the third child they have had. The other two, the Azur and Strider twins, were born in 2021. This happened when singer Grimes, whom Musk was dating at the time, was expecting his third child.

Zilis assured friends and colleagues that she did not have a romantic relationship with the billionaire, that he only acted as a sperm donor. At the same time, it clearly follows from court documents that in 2022, Musk lived in her house in Texas.

The name and gender of the new child of Elon Musk and Siobhan Zilis are not specified. In addition, it is not known what role the billionaire played this time, and whether the case was limited to sperm donation.

In addition to Siobhan Zilis's three children, Musk has at least eight other children. His first wife, the writer Justine Wilson, gave birth to five children. The mother of the others was singer Grimes.