OREANDA-NEWS  The journalist of the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, Cathal Kelly, called for ignoring Russians at the 2024 Olympic Games. The material is available on the publication's website.

Kelly accused Russia of using athletes as propaganda tools. "Why should they be treated differently from Russian propaganda purposes? Therefore, no greetings. No cheering at the opening ceremony or during the competition. No handshakes. No applause," he said.

The journalist noted that there is no need to behave ill-mannered. "People need to behave exclusively as if Russia is not there," the Canadian concluded.

In December 2023, the International Olympic Committee allowed Russians and Belarusians to participate in the Paris Olympics as individual neutral athletes. At the same time, athletes who support the special operation in Ukraine, as well as those with ties to the armed forces or security agencies of Russia and Belarus, will not enter the competition. In addition, representatives of team sports will miss the tournament.