OREANDA-NEWS  The chief of the Estonian General Staff, Major General Enno Mits, said that Russia is capable of occupying Kharkov "in one fell swoop," but the question is about further retaining the city. His words are quoted by ERR.

The officer noted that the Russian military is trying to expand the front line in order to force Ukraine to stretch its defense resources, thereby depleting them.

"Russia can break through the city in one fell swoop, but it takes significantly more troops to keep it under control," Mits said.

He added that now the Russian military is deliberately taking advantage of the lack of air defense capabilities in Ukraine and striking at critical infrastructure. They are waging a war of attrition, including against the West, in order to split the unity of Kiev's allies and reduce their resources.

Earlier, the Kharkiv region announced the mandatory evacuation of families with children from 47 settlements. This was announced by the head of the regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov.