OREANDA-NEWS  Finland is exploring the possibility of deploying troops of the North Atlantic Alliance and the actions of allied forces on its territory, the new commander of the Finnish Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Janne Jaakkola, told reporters.

"We do not have solutions on this issue, but we are considering different options: whether it is extended training activities, a rotational model or other types of activities," he said. - Finland has a relatively strong defense force, and there is currently no urgent need for troops. But it's not out of the question."

Jaakkola added that plans are being developed for how NATO will organize its command structure and how allied forces can operate in Finland. In this regard, the question of whether Finland should have troops from other NATO countries is being considered. The discussion on this topic will focus on the command structure and how NATO is preparing for operations in the north.

Jaakkola said that "there is no immediate military threat to Finland," development largely depends on the situation in Ukraine.

Finland is the only country in which there are no troops from other NATO countries on a permanent basis. So far, she has not requested a permanent presence of troops from other countries.

Jaakkola started working in his new position on April 1, 2024.