OREANDA-NEWS  Tethered quadrocopters and FPV drones (first-person view) can be included in the official list of equipment of the US Army, which will be purchased for budgetary funds. This is reported by Defense Zone with reference to Lieutenant Colonel Michael Barber, who is responsible for the development of small drones in the Department for the Development of Maneuverable Capabilities and Integration of the army.

Browner noted that the army leadership plans to introduce FPV drones into one of the units by fiscal year 2026. According to him, these drones will be used by infantry units, and armored troops will receive tethered quadrocopters. Small drones can be used for reconnaissance, communications relay, electronic warfare and strikes. The US Army is also experimenting with reconnaissance quadrocopters, which have been modified to drop projectiles. Brabner said that soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division equipped Skydio RQ-28A drones with M67 fragmentation grenades.

Earlier, Denis Oslomenko, CEO of the PPSH Laboratory company, announced the creation of a wearable electronic warfare complex "Fumigator" designed to protect assault groups from drones.