OREANDA-NEWS  The cost of gasoline on the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPbMTSB) on Wednesday immediately fell by 3%, follows from the materials of the auction.

The price of Ai-92 gasoline according to the territorial index of the European part of Russia on Wednesday decreased by 3.14%, to 47,661 rubles per ton, Ai-95 - by 2.9%, to 50,122 rubles. Thus, prices have returned to the level of the mid-April level. Then the cost of Ai-92 was in the range of 46-48 thousand rubles per ton, and Ai-95 - 51-52 thousand, then began to grow at a record pace until the end of September.

Summer diesel fuel also fell in price during the trading day after several days of price growth. Its cost decreased by 1.1% to 56,489 rubles per ton. The price of other types of diesel fuel has also decreased: off-season fell by 0.92%, to 56,225 rubles per ton, winter - by 0.68%, to 69,304 rubles.

According to the results of Wednesday's trading, the price of fuel oil rose by 4.76% to 16,184 rubles per ton. Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) rose by 1.93%, to 35,975 rubles per ton, jet fuel - by 4.26%, to 81,096 rubles.
Stock prices for fuel in Russia began to rise in the spring and held at record levels for several months. Retail prices have also significantly accelerated the growth rate. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation introduced a ban on the export of petroleum products from September 21. In early October, the measures were adjusted, in particular, the ban on the export of diesel fuel through pipelines for those who supply at least 50% to the domestic market was lifted.

Then, on November 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia lifted the ban on gasoline exports. At the same time, there is still a ban on exports for the supply of diesel fuel by rail. However, on Tuesday, the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy, Nikolai Shulginov, said that the ministry was discussing the issue of the complete lifting of the ban on the export of summer diesel fuel. Also earlier on Wednesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak did not rule out that such a decision could be made in the near future.