OREANDA-NEWS Georgia's revenues from international tourism reached a record $4.1 billion last year, which exceeds the data for 2022 by 17.3%. This was announced by the National Tourism Administration of Georgia.

"In 2023, income from international tourism exceeded the level of 2019 by 26.2% (by $856.7 million), and in 2022 - by 17.3% (by $608.7 million). Georgia has made a record profit of $4.1 billion," the report says.

According to the ministry, 4,669,467 trips of foreign citizens with tourist purposes were made to Georgia last year, which exceeds the data of 2022 by 27.8%. In total, non-residents of Georgia visited the country more than 7 million times last year. This figure increased by 30.3% over the year. Russian citizens made the most trips to Georgia in 2023 - more than 1.4 million, which is 30.5% more than the previous year. Turkish citizens are in second place (more than 1.3 million), followed by citizens of Armenia - more than 962 thousand and Israel - more than 217 thousand.