OREANDA-NEWS  The German authorities postponed the meeting for which they were supposed to review the budget for 2024, and are unlikely to have time to adopt it this year.

The Budget Committee canceled the meeting necessary for this and did not name the next meeting date. "A new date has not yet been set," the committee said in a statement.

This makes the chances of passing the country's budget for next year by the end of December almost zero, Zeit notes. It is necessary to have time to adopt the draft budget for 2024 so that on December 1 the Bundestag will adopt the federal budget, and on December 15 the Bundesrat at its last plenary meeting in 2023.

Now the Bundestag has only the last week of meetings this year, from December 11th to 15th. And it is unclear whether adjustments to the project can take place by that time.

Earlier it was reported that Chancellor Olaf Scholz's party plans to start collecting "crisis contributions". It is proposed to charge additional funds from the richest citizens of the country. It is planned that after adjustments, the tax burden on the rich will increase, while for the remaining 95% of the population, on the contrary, it will decrease. The proposals will be submitted in December.