OREANDA-NEWS Europe's ammunition reserves are extremely low, "soon we will have to throw stones." The alarm was sounded by the former deputy chief of Defense of the Belgian Armed Forces, retired Lieutenant General Marc Thies, reports Merkur.de .

According to him, stocks of high-quality ammunition are especially low, and it will not be easy to replenish them again due to long delivery times.

"If you order today, it may take up to seven years to receive an order for some types of ammunition. Even with the simplest small-caliber 5.56 NATO standard ammunition. If we sign the contract today, the delivery of ammunition will take twelve months," he explained.

The Belgian general stressed that not only the West, but also its opponents know about the shortage of weapons and ammunition.

Earlier, the chief of the British Defense Staff, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, said that London should think about a "huge increase" in the amount of ammunition in the kingdom after the depletion of arsenals due to military assistance to Ukraine.