OREANDA-NEWS. On the seacoast of Rio Grande do Sul state (Brazil), the students found a bottle with a message in Russian.

As the Brazilian television company Globo reported, the students were interested in the find, but none of them could read the text. Then one of the girls published a photo of the message in the group of the Federal University of Pelotas on Facebook. The post gathered about 2 thousand comments, and one of the respondents, who knew Russian, tried to translate it.

According to the translation, the text is the following: “We address to those who give themselves the trouble to catch this bottle. It was drunk, contrary to all orders and decrees of the MRH (Russian: МРХ) and the government, by real sailors, who remember and respect marine traditions.”

As media note, the recognition of the text is complicated by the fact that the part of ink has been lost, but there are traces of pressing of a pen on the paper, so experts intend to restore the lost fragments from them.

Presumably, under the MPX, sailors meant the USSR Ministry of Fisheries (Russian: Министерство рыбного хозяйства), and the order of the decree was so called dry law, an anti-alcohol campaign that was started in 1985 by the government of the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The message was sent to the laboratory for the conservation and restoration of artifacts of the University of Pelotas. The find does not have cultural or historical value, but it will help students to understand how the message has kept to nowadays in such harsh conditions. According to experts, sailors could drop a bottle with a message into water from a Soviet fishing vessel near the coast of Greenland about 30 years ago.