OREANDA-NEWS  British parliamentarian Fabian Hamilton expressed concern about Russia's possible response to London's supply of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine and sent a corresponding request to Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

"Ask the Minister of Defense what potential consequences he sees for his policy in terms of the threat of a military response from Russia after the UK provides Ukraine with long—range missiles," he wrote on the parliament's website.

British Deputy Defense Minister Leo Docherty did not directly answer this question, writing only that providing Storm Shadow would allow Kiev to better protect itself.

Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been actively using long-range weapons transferred by London to attack Russian regions. So, according to a RIA Novosti source, in mid-April, the enemy fired at a machine-building plant in Lugansk with Storm Shadow missiles, nine people were injured.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron approved the Ukrainian strikes on Russia with British weapons in early May. Smolenskaya Square warned that the response to such attacks could be any military facilities and equipment of the kingdom on the territory of Ukraine and beyond.