OREANDA-NEWS  In Finland, the Kainuu District Court arrested three Russian students on suspicion of exporting items suitable for both civilian and military use.

Local media reported that the alleged crime occurred on April 7. The detainees are two men aged 25 and an 18-year-old girl.

"The police are currently investigating the extent of the case, what goods were seized, where they were taken and in what quantity," said Chief Inspector Kimmo Tuulenkari, who heads the investigation into the case.

The media notes that, as a rule, we are talking about electronics, sensors or lasers.

The export of such goods abroad may be regarded as a violation of the sanctions legislation. The maximum term for such a violation is four years.

Extracting significant material benefits and causing potential harm to the economy or combat readiness of the country may, in turn, be considered as aggravating circumstances. The minimum prison term for such crimes is four months, and the maximum is four years.

According to Tuulenkari, the nationality of the suspects does not affect the pre-trial investigation, but "another international aspect of the case makes the investigation time-consuming."

"We have to turn to other European countries and even overseas for information," the investigator noted.