OREANDA-NEWS  In Finland, the Turku City Council on Monday unanimously decided to purchase the building of the former Consulate General of Russia and erect a new structure in its place.

As the Yle portal reported on Tuesday, the city will buy the building from its current owner, Senate Properties for 1.6 million euros. The area of the acquired land plot is 3.5 thousand square meters, the transaction includes the Consulate General building with an area of 2 thousand square meters. meters.

The City Council also approved the demolition of the building built in 1974 and the construction of a new structure in its place. It is also necessary to clean the soil, since in the early 1900s a foundry and a galvanizing plant were located on this site.

The City Council decided that the purchase would be made without waiting for consideration of possible appeals.

On July 6, Russia closed the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg and expelled nine employees of the Finnish embassy in Moscow, accusing Helsinki of anti-Russian policy and arms supplies to Ukraine. In response, Finland closed the Russian consulate in Turku on October 1.