OREANDA-NEWS  In Japan, the second case of highly pathogenic avian influenza type H5 was detected this season. It was recorded at a poultry farm in Ibaraki Prefecture. This was reported by NHK on November 27.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, 450 dead birds were found on a farm in the city of Kasama, several of them had a positive reaction to highly pathogenic avian influenza. Due to the outbreak of the disease, about 70 thousand chickens will be destroyed in the prefecture.

The first case of avian flu was detected in Saga Prefecture. They plan to slaughter 40 thousand birds there.

After the detection of the avian influenza virus, quarantine was imposed on the transportation of chickens and eggs within a three-kilometer radius of the zone around the farm, where foci of the disease were detected. Also, the export of chickens and eggs was banned for poultry farms located in this area.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will convene a meeting with the relevant ministers to discuss measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

As reported by IA Regnum, in January, the administration of the Japanese prefecture of Saitama (Kanto region) announced that about three thousand ducks would be destroyed at a poultry farm in the city of Geda due to an outbreak of avian flu.

The suspicious fact of the disease of one of the birds was registered at the enterprise on January 25. After that, experts began checking, which confirmed the presence of a focus of avian flu. The authorities have quarantined the transportation of birds within a radius of 3 km from the poultry farm and carried out disinfection work.

Earlier, on January 10, an outbreak of avian flu was recorded in the Japanese prefecture of Miyazaki. Suspicion of the disease in chickens arose from the employees of a poultry farm in the city of Kawaminami, who found several dead laying hens on the territory.

Due to avian flu in Japan, more than 10 million birds have been destroyed this season alone. The disease has caused huge damage to poultry farming and has become the main reason for the rise in price of chicken eggs. The price of them in the country has reached a record high over the past 29 years.