OREANDA-NEWS  Russian tourists were settled in the unfinished building of the Turkish hotel, and some were even kicked out into the street due to the lack of available rooms. The Telegram channel Shot writes about this.

According to the source, the compatriots arrived at the luxury hotel Mövenpick Resort Antalya in Kemer. They were promised comfortable conditions and an unforgettable vacation. "In fact, tourists paid 400-500 thousand rubles each, but some of them could not even check into their rooms," the message says.

At the reception, the Russians found out that there were no available rooms, and the ones they had booked had not yet been completed. Those who are still settled in the hotel complain about dirt, ants and construction dust in the corridors.

As a result, the travelers were simply kicked out of the hotel and onto the street. Some managed to find rooms in neighboring hotels on their own.

Earlier, a Russian man in a state of alcoholic intoxication opened the emergency exit door of an airplane flying to Moscow. The incident occurred on board the liner en route from Surgut to Vnukovo during the approach. According to eyewitnesses, the man said that he was hot and wanted to leave the aircraft faster.