OREANDA-NEWS The death toll as a result of a fire at a defense research institute in Tver has grown to 18 people, this is reported by Russian media Izvestia. It is noted that the analysis of the rubble has not yet been completed. At the moment, 17 people are in hospitals.

«As a result of a fire in a defense research institute in Tver, 18 people died», the newspaper reports. 75 people and 9 pieces of equipment are involved in the localization of the consequences of the fire. Specialists examine the interior of the building.

The fire in the building of the Central Research Institute of the Aerospace Defense Forces of the Russian Federation in Tver occurred on the afternoon of April 21, the fire was assigned the third level of complexity. According to preliminary information, the cause of the fire was an emergency operation of the power grid. In total, more than 240 people and 69 pieces of equipment took part in the extinguishing.

The fire area was initially one thousand square meters, but later the flame covered 1.5 thousand square meters. The roof of the building was partially collapsed. The organization's staff was evacuated. The fire was completely extinguished at 07:33 am on April 22.