OREANDA-NEWS Japan has started the next stage of the discharge of purified water from the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant (NPP). The fact that more liquid from the enterprise got into the ocean is reported by the Kyodo News newspaper, citing the operator company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

The stage was the fourth in a row. During it, as before, it is planned to dump about 7.8 thousand tons of water into the ocean in small batches of 500 tons per day. The reset is scheduled to be completed by March 16.

The government and special services have confirmed that the water that entered the ocean with previous discharges meets the standards. TEPCO stressed that the tests did not reveal an abnormal level of tritium in the area near the point of the previous three discharges.

Earlier, 5.5 tons of water containing radioactive elements leaked at Fukushima-1. The operating company stated that the incident did not affect the operation of the station, and the liquid did not enter the ocean.