OREANDA-NEWS  The Committee of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan in the first reading approved a change in the design of the flag of the republic. A message about this was published on the website of the country's highest legislative body.

The adopted document assumes a partial change in the drawing of the national flag. According to one of the initiators of the bill, Deputy Ulan Primov, instead of the wave-like rays, they will take a form "clearly resembling the rays of the sun."

The authors who were engaged in the development of the existing flag of the republic at the initial stages were involved in the work on the new version of the main symbol of the country. One of the creators of the image, Zhusup Matayev, noted that the sun's rays were originally supposed to have a more recognizable appearance, but the original version of the project has undergone changes.

Some members of parliament spoke in favor of holding a referendum on this issue, but the initiators of the bill recalled that 32 years ago the national flag was approved not by a referendum, but by parliament.

Earlier, Ukraine discussed the possibility of changing the flag and coat of arms of the Kiev region due to the similarity with the symbols of Moscow. In both cases, St. George the Victorious is applied to the images.