OREANDA-NEWS  The Ministries of Finance of Belarus and Russia are developing a strategy for working with the Belarusian national debt for the period up to 2026, the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoy said.

"An important block is dealing with public debt and ensuring macroeconomic and financial balance. The Russian Federation is meeting the Belarusian economy halfway, hears all our proposals," Krutoy said on the Belarus 1 TV channel on Sunday. e Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoy said.

"The Ministries of Finance are developing a strategy for dealing with debt and interest until 2026, so that the state debt does not put pressure on the budget of Belarus and so that the resources that are released can be directed to investment projects, support all development programs that have been adopted in the republic, and also keep the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Belarus at a safe level," - The ambassador said.

He noted that the trade turnover between Belarus and Russia for 2024 is set to remain at least at the level of last year. The share of Belarus in Russian imports is 9%. For Belarus, as noted at the Supreme State Council, it is necessary to strive for at least 15%, Krutoy said.

In addition to the existing 24 projects and a loan of 105 billion Russian rubles, 8 more projects are planned to be signed in the near future.

"The President of Russia has instructed that if these projects really have joint cooperative effects for the two countries, then 105 billion (rubles) is not a ceiling, and we can increase the amount of this credit line, a very profitable and good credit line, taking into account the level of market rates that are on the Russian market today. Therefore, our manufacturers have been given the green light to submit new additional applications. And we hope to take advantage of this offer very quickly," the ambassador said.