OREANDA-NEWS New Zealand's Foreign Minister Winston Peters announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine and promised to impose further sanctions on Russian enterprises and citizens. The corresponding statement by the head of the foreign Ministry was published on the website of the government of the country.

According to Peters, the new aid package of "NZ$25.9 million [$16 million] will increase the total amount of funds allocated to Kiev over the past two years to more than NZ$100 million [$62 million]." "This demonstrates our unwavering support for Ukraine and our serious commitment to protecting a rules-based international order that supports and reflects New Zealand's values and interests," Peters said.

The minister stressed that the government of the country "is also working on new restrictive measures against Russia." It is planned that they will be "aimed at countering the evasion of already imposed sanctions."

As Peters noted, as part of the new package of assistance to Ukraine, among other things, $4 million will be allocated for the purchase of weapons and ammunition, $4.3 million for the purchase of humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees, $1.9 million for reconstruction, reconstruction and reforms in Ukraine. In addition, the New Zealand government has decided to extend the term of work of its military instructors training soldiers of the Armed Forces in the UK until June 2025. "At least 97 servicemen of the New Zealand Ministry of Defense will continue to train Ukrainian soldiers and provide logistical support to the Kiev troops, as well as help them provide communications and intelligence," the statement says.

Previously, New Zealand has provided military and financial assistance to Ukraine nine times, its total volume has so far amounted to 103.9 million New Zealand dollars ($64.4 million). Most of these funds (over 77 million New Zealand dollars ($47.7 million)) It was spent on the purchase of weapons, as well as training and equipping the Ukrainian military. The New Zealand authorities have allocated less than 22 million New Zealand dollars ($13.4 million) for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian citizens affected by military operations. Wellington spent the rest of the funds on "supporting international legal processes and monitoring human rights."