OREANDA-NEWS Transferring more weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) will not help defeat Russia on the battlefield, which is why Budapest opposes increasing military assistance to Kiev from the European Union (EU). This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, TASS reports.

"I am convinced that instead of war, we need a cease-fire, so we should finance not a war, but a cease-fire and after that peace. This is our position," the politician said.

He also expressed doubt that the EU's assistance could help Ukraine win. In his opinion, the assistance provided was enough for the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Kiev was unable to take advantage of the EU's support and should not expect changes in the future.

Earlier, Politico reported that a political crisis is brewing in the EU, as Orban maintains close ties with Russia, opposes the adoption of the EU budget and Ukraine's entry into the community. According to the publication, the next December EU summit in Brussels, where decisions on the budget and membership of Ukraine will be made, may become one of the most difficult European councils and bring discord into the common policy of the community.