OREANDA-NEWS There are a large number of migrants living in the Moscow region, and many of them profess Islam, while the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) sees a problem with their adaptation to life in Russian society. This is how Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia spoke about the problem of migrants, RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.

He added that Orthodox priests should also be involved in the adaptation of migrants.

"A feature of the demographic situation in the Moscow region is the high concentration of migrants. We see the problem in the inculturation and adaptation of migrants in Russian conditions… I would really ask you to pay attention to this topic," he addressed the clergy of the Moscow region.

Earlier, the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church stated the risk of "losing Russia" due to the situation with migrants. According to the patriarch, migrants are far from Russians in faith and culture, so the authorities should not allow a large number of foreign workers into the country.

In response, the Mufti of Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov, said that it was unacceptable for Russians to shift responsibility for national identity to others.