OREANDA-NEWS  The safety of the Boeing Corporation's CST-100 Starliner manned spacecraft is still being studied, a Russian cosmonaut will be able to fly on it only if the reliability of all systems is confirmed, Sergei Krikalev, executive director of Roscosmos for manned programs, told Interfax.

He was asked if the Russian cosmonaut would be able to join the crew of the first regular mission to the ISS Starliner-1.

“no. Starliner is a new ship, we are still analyzing its safety. Our people will sit down when security is confirmed," Krikalev replied.

On November 22, the Canadian Space Agency announced the appointment of astronaut Joshua Kutryk to the crew of the first regular mission of the manned Starliner spacecraft to the ISS. He will fly to the station together with NASA astronauts Scott Tingle and Michael Fink, the name of the fourth member will be announced later.

The ship is to be launched to the ISS using the United Launch Alliance's Atlas 5 launch vehicle in early 2025.

To be allowed to conduct the first regular mission to the station, Boeing must conduct a certification manned flight of the spacecraft to the ISS, it is scheduled for April 2024.

On September 15, the head of the NASA manned flight program, Kenneth Bowersox, announced that negotiations are continuing between Roscosmos and NASA on the composition of the crews who will fly on the Starliner.

On November 17, 2022, Krikalev informed Interfax that Roscosmos expects to receive Starliner safety parameters for its inclusion in cross-flights to the ISS.