OREANDA-NEWS Units of Russian troops continue to clean up residential areas of Avdiivka (DPR), video of the raid of the Viking special forces unit on the liberated city was at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

In the video, fighters inspect courtyards, living quarters, go down to basements in search of civilians who need to be evacuated from the city for a while until the Armed Forces of Ukraine reduce the shelling of residential areas. In the footage, you can hear the sound of explosions in the distance.

According to the agency's interlocutor from the Viking unit, scattered groups of Ukrainian servicemen could also remain in the city, who may hide in buildings and resist, so inspections of courtyards and houses continue.

RIA Novosti on Saturday evening published the first video of the cleaning of Avdiivka by Russian fighters from the Viking special forces detachment, which shows that they found a warehouse of weapons and ammunition at the recent location of the AFU units, including a batch of shells for an automatic grenade launcher - shaped grenades for RPG-7 and propellant charges for it, presumably Polish or Bulgarian production.

On February 17, units of the Center group of forces completely liberated Avdiivka during offensive operations and advanced to a depth of 8.6 km, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. The total area of the liberated territory was 31.75 sq km. The enemy lost more than 1,500 troops.