OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian and Ukrainian peoples are fraternal for Serbia, official Belgrade condemned the actions of the Russian Federation, but did not and will not support the anti-Russian sanctions of the West, said the candidate for prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Defense Milos Vucevic.

The Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia on Wednesday is considering the composition of the future cabinet proposed by the candidate for prime minister and chairman of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party. Vucevic presents the program of the future government to the deputies.

"Serbia cannot and will not give up friendship with Russia, whose people we consider fraternal, as well as Ukrainian. Friendship is proven and shown in difficult times. If we don't have the opportunity to practically help our Russian friends now, we definitely won't harm them in any way," the head of the Defense Ministry told parliamentarians.
He recalled that Serbia condemned him at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, but also expressed "its disagreement with the policy of sanctions against the Russian Federation, which we do not want to join and will not join."

According to him, there is no doubt that the external pressure on Belgrade in this situation will continue "and probably increase." He added that "our determination to stand on these positions, as this policy has withstood pressure" for many months.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday responded to the claims of Western politicians about the nomination of "sub-sanctioned politicians" to the future government of Serbia, that the cabinet would be Serbian and pursue Serbian interests.