OREANDA-NEWS  Stockholm is ready to consider sending troops to Ukraine if such a proposal is discussed by other NATO countries. This was stated by Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonson, his words are quoted by Breaking Defense.

"There was no common position among the countries that met at the Paris summit in February (...) Right now, there is also no specific proposal for Sweden to send its troops to the conflict zone. However, if it appears, Stockholm will be able to accept it for consideration," the head of the defense department said.

On February 26, the Western countries participating in the Paris summit discussed the issue of sending their troops. Then they agreed not to send their military contingent to Ukraine.

The agency notes that such rhetoric has reappeared due to the words of French President Emmanuel Macron and has prompted other countries to start discussing this idea publicly or privately.

On May 2, Macron confirmed his intention to send French troops to Ukraine. He also spoke about Paris' plans to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine.