OREANDA-NEWS The vocalist of the South Korean K-pop group BTS V (real name — Kim Taehyung) decided to serve in the special forces. Koreaboo writes about this.

It is noted that the singer will join the special forces unit of the capital's defense. The performer thanked the fans and urged them not to worry. It is noted that fans expressed concern because of the singer's fear of heights. "I will come back healthy and not get hurt. I challenge myself," he said.

Earlier it was reported that the remaining four BTS members will begin serving in the South Korean army by the end of the year. It was noted that RM (real name — Kim Namjun), Jimin (real name — Park Jimin), V and Jeongguk (real name — Jeong Jeongguk) will begin compulsory military service, which will last until June 2025, next month.