OREANDA-NEWS  The Moscow Arbitration Court has satisfied the claim of Doublgis LLC (Novosibirsk, the operating company of the 2GIS cartographic service) for the restoration of the service in the Google Play app store, according to the materials of the judicial file.

In his statement of claim dated July 2023, 2GIS demanded that the court oblige the defendants to restore his Google Play account "with all the functions that existed before the deletion, including restoring the 2gis Maps Routes and application..." on Google Play with the possibility of distributing the application on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS." The lawsuit was addressed to the Russian Google LLC (Moscow), the Irish Google Commerce Limited, as well as Google LLC (USA).

2GIS also demanded to invalidate the unilateral refusal of the defendants to fulfill their obligations "arising from the Google Play agreement on the distribution of software products concluded with Doublgis LLC." The refusal, according to the plaintiff, resulted in the removal of the 2GIS account from Google Play.

In addition, Doublegis insisted on collecting a penalty in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for each day of non-execution of the judicial act. The penalty is supposed to be collected starting from the sixth day from the date of entry into force of the judicial act and until its actual execution, "subject to a weekly doubling of the amount of the daily accrued penalty."

In January, Android device users received a notification from Google Play that the 2GIS app was "malicious." After that, the press service of the mapping service sent out a message about the absence of malicious components in the 2GIS mobile application for Android with a link to Kaspersky Lab.

"Kaspersky Lab experts analyzed several versions of the 2GIS mobile application for Android, including the version that Google Play has identified as "malicious." The version of the application that did not trigger notifications from Google Play was also checked. A check by Kaspersky Lab showed that these versions of the 2GIS application do not contain malicious code," the 2GIS press service reported at the time.

The Doublegis cartographic service has been in existence since 2004. The founder of the company is Alexander Sysoev.

In August 2020, Sberbank closed a deal to acquire a majority stake in 2GIS. Sberbank owned 72% directly, another 3% was received by the joint venture of the bank and Mail.ru Group. The founders and management retained 25%. In April 2022, access to information about the founders was limited, the company does not disclose its current owners.