OREANDA-NEWS German Ambassador Alexander Lambsdorff left the Russian Foreign Ministry without comment, where he was summoned because of a conversation between German officers about the attack on the Crimean Bridge that got into the media, discussing, in particular, plans to strike Taurus missiles from a fighter jet. This became known on March 4.

As reported by IA Regnum, Lambsdorff was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry shortly after the editor-in-chief of RT Margarita Simonyan published an audio recording and transcript of a conversation between high-ranking German officers discussing the possibility of organizing a missile attack on the Crimean Bridge. The conversation was dated February 19, 2024, and, according to him, it was about a strike by German long-range Taurus missiles from a Dassault Rafale fighter. One of the participants in the dialogue stated that, subject to delivery to Ukraine, the missiles would be ready for use in eight months.

The day after the publication, Germany promised to quickly clarify and investigate the situation, calling it a serious problem and assuring of a thorough and prompt investigation of the incident. The German Defense Ministry, in turn, said that the conversation of the German military was intercepted.

After the talks were published in the media, the largest opposition faction of the German parliament, the CDU/CSU, requested an extraordinary meeting of the Bundestag defense committee.