OREANDA-NEWS  It will not be easy for the countries to come to an agreement on the use of proceeds from frozen assets of the Russian Federation, a legislative framework is needed for such an agreement, Italian Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said before the start of the G7 finance ministers' meeting in Stresa, Italy.

Earlier, Reuters reported, citing unnamed officials from the group's countries, that the G7 countries do not expect to reach a detailed agreement on the use of proceeds from frozen assets of the Russian Federation at the upcoming meeting in Italian Stresa due to technical and legal aspects that will need to be worked out in more detail.

When asked by a journalist whether an agreement will be reached on the use of Russian assets, the minister said that this is a "difficult issue." "It's not so easy (to come to an agreement on assets - ed.). We need to find a legislative framework at the European level," the minister said. A video of his conversation with journalists was published by the Bloomberg agency.

The Reuters news agency, citing the words of the minister, adds that some central banks have doubts about the aspects of using Russian assets to repay a loan for Ukraine. "The proceeds from financial assets should be used to repay the loan, which will be provided to Ukraine in one lump sum," the agency quotes Giorgetti as saying.
The meeting of finance ministers of the G7 countries will be held from May 23 to May 25.

The Financial Times newspaper reported, citing Western officials, that the United States is pushing the G7 countries to provide Ukraine with a loan secured in the form of future income from assets frozen in the West of the Russian Federation, before the possible return to the post of US President Donald Trump, who spoke out against financing Kiev.