OREANDA-NEWS Since March 1, 2024, a ban has been imposed on the import of non-industrial diamonds weighing from 1 carat to the United States from Russia. From September 1 — weighing from 0.5 carats. This was announced by the US Treasury Department (pdf).

"Imports into the United States, including imports for admission to the United States foreign trade zone, of diamond jewelry and unsorted diamonds of Russian origin or exported from the Russian Federation, are prohibited," the ministry said in a statement.

The decision was made after consultations with the country's State Department. The US Treasury also imposed sanctions against three companies registered in the UAE, another from Liberia, as well as a tanker under the flag of Gabon.

At the end of January, Switzerland approved a phased ban on the purchase and import of Russian diamonds. The Reuters news agency wrote in December 2023 that from 2024.