OREANDA-NEWS  The United States has announced sanctions against the management of Kaspersky Lab, according to the Ministry of Finance of the country.

According to a statement from the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury, 12 people have been added to the Russian-linked sanctions list, among them Andrei Tikhonov, executive director of Kaspersky Lab, Andrei Efremov, director of business development of the company, Igor Chekunov, director of legal affairs, and other executives.

In the list of the Ministry of Finance, only their passport data and nationality are indicated, but they coincide with the data of the Kaspersky Lab management from the company's website.

Washington imposed export restrictions on Kaspersky Lab on Thursday, banning Americans from using the services of a company that, according to the Ministry of Commerce, carries risks to the national security of the United States from September 29 this year.