OREANDA-NEWS Despite the broad scope and application of anti-Russian sanctions, Ukraine was unable to gain an advantage and change the course of the conflict in its favor. Andreas Umland, an analyst at the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies at the Swedish Institute of International Relations, told Politico about this.

"Indeed, the scale of these sanctions was unprecedented and had consequences for the Russian economy. However, they only slightly changed the course of the war. And in 2022, when most of the packages of Western sanctions were introduced, Russia for the first time in its history overtook Germany in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP)," the analyst noted.

Earlier, the head of the German Bundestag committee on energy, Klaus Ernst, said that anti-Russian sanctions cause more harm to Germany than to Russia, and instead of supplying weapons to Ukraine and new restrictions, Berlin needs negotiations with Moscow. "The Russian economy is growing. That's how the federal government is jeopardizing our prosperity. More energy, including from Russia, increases the supply, and prices may fall," Ernst said, calling for negotiations to begin instead of arms supplies.