OREANDA-NEWSGreat Britain refused any new deferrals upon completion of the process of exit from the EU (Brexit). This was stated by EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier on Friday at a briefing following the results of the next round of negotiations on Brexit, which was held remotely.

"The UK government has refused any delay in the final withdrawal from the European market, which is scheduled for December 31, 2020. This is the date of the economic Brexit, the end of the transition period after the political Brexit", said Barnier. At the same time, he also claims that the UK is slowing down the work on preparing an agreement on future relations with the community after a transitional period for withdrawal from its composition.

"The United Kingdom is slowing down the negotiation process. This week, the United Kingdom refused to engage in constructive negotiations on the four key points of the negotiations, which are enshrined in the political declaration of Brussels and London", Barnier said.