OREANDA-NEWS  Ukrainian border guards refused to let men who flew from Belarus into the country. This information is reported by the Belarusian edition Onliner.

Eyewitnesses talk about the problems with the passage of Belarusian men at the Odessa airport. At the same time, children and women are allowed to enter Ukraine. Alexander from Minsk said that he was working in Ukraine under an employment contract and was returning from vacation when, like many other foreign men, he was detained at the airport for a conversation, and then sent back to Minsk.

In an informal conversation, the border guards said that they had an order not to let men into the country without good reason, for example, without a residence permit or an invitation from an employer.

Alexander was advised to wait a couple of weeks for "the situation to calm down." The State Border Committee of Ukraine has not yet officially commented on these incidents.

In early April, Ukraine accused Russia of building up its military presence in Donbass and blamed it for the deterioration of the situation in the conflict zone, where there has been an increase in shelling recently. Also, according to Kiev, Moscow has concentrated regular army units on the common border. In Russia, they say that only Ukraine bears the full responsibility for the escalation.