OREANDA-NEWS The Federation Council will announce the presidential elections at a meeting on December 13, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov told TASS. According to him, the elections should be held in March next year.

On November 7, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing sources in United Russia, wrote that the deputies from the party plan to discuss the presidential campaign in December. The publication reported that the discussion could take place at the congress, which United Russia can hold at the exhibition "Russia" at VDNH.

According to Konstantin Kostin, head of the Civil Society Development Fund, the role of the congress will be largely ideological. Presumably, it will be held on December 17 with the participation of the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The final date of the congress will depend on the schedule of the Russian leader.

Kommersant, citing sources in the Kremlin, previously reported that the presidential administration began discussing the composition of a future initiative group for Putin's nomination for the presidential election. According to the newspaper, even the preliminary composition of the group has not yet been determined.

The presidential elections in Russia are to be held in March 2024. However, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, if the head of state runs, he will have no competitors.