OREANDA-NEWS. via PRWEB - Maxie Mobile Inc., the alternative banking solution operating on all mobile phones and PC's, and H40 Inc. have reached an agreement to bring 10's of 1000's of new users to the Maxie platform during the next 24 months. H40 is a consortium of banking and casino professionals brought together to offer a banking alternative to the many casino workers who are underserved by traditional banks and looking for a low cost banking alternative. The Maxie Mobile solution provides a bank account with a Visa debit card and a rich set of services including bill payment, cross border remittance, prepaid phone top-up and check cashing with very few costs to the user. This payroll deposit solution will alleviate the need for checks and prepaid cards currently in use by many of these organizations.

Gil Hooper, the Managing Director of Maxie, said "H40 brings a very large base of users to the platform which enables Maxie to customize the product specifically for their needs". Mr. Hooper added that "the founders of H40 came together to provide a low cost alternative to the casino workers, giving them the ability to direct deposit their pay into an FDIC insured account while gaining access to a group of very low cost financial services that are used frequently by this group of users". Maxie is also adding a cash back loyalty program that will provide every Maxie user with an average of 4.7% cash back from on-line purchases from over 4,000 retailers. Dave Moody, one of the principals of H40 commented that, "we evaluated a lot of alternatives before choosing Maxie. We see the Maxie and H40 partnership becoming a very important part of our overall business in the future".

Maxie Mobile Inc. is a Nevada based supplier of mobile payment solutions aimed at the underserved populations within the U.S. and internationally. Through its banking relationships, Maxie is able to offer a low cost, universal banking alternative to people who have a mobile phone or PC. In addition to bill payment and phone top-up, users can send money cross border to family members in over 40 countries. Maxie has optimized its application for use by anyone with a smart phone or a PC.