06.05.2022, 16:10

The ruble lost more than 4.5% compared to the close of the previous session.

27.04.2022, 15:23
The euro fell below $1.06 on Wednesday, April 17, for the first time since April 2017.
25.04.2022, 12:55

Raw materials are getting cheaper due to fears of falling demand amid a lockdown in Shanghai and a possible increase in the key rate in the United States.

19.04.2022, 13:20
The number of attacks on crypto exchanges in 2021 increased by 44% compared to 2020.
18.04.2022, 13:32
Crypto exchange EXMO has opened a separate platform for Russians. This was reported to RBC by its representative.
08.04.2022, 16:55

By the close of the session, the quotes had lost growth to 1.86%, the paper closed at 4980 yen per share.

01.04.2022, 15:40

Previously, trading platforms reported on assets on behalf of clients — now the regulator plans to oblige cryptocurrency exchanges to be responsible for client's assets themselves.

31.03.2022, 10:36
The Moscow exchange index at the opening of trading is growing by 0.89%, the RTS is decreasing by 0.48%.
22.03.2022, 11:51
In Russia, the first criminal case has been initiated related to the embezzlement of money and property of a cryptocurrency exchange.
24.01.2022, 17:02
The total increase in the cost of gas since the beginning of the trading day was 19.4%.
13.01.2022, 17:29
Economist and lecturer at the RANEPA Vladislav Ginko commented on the change in the exchange rate, which, in his opinion, is more of an “emotional reaction”. 
10.01.2022, 15:07
Ruble rises against the dollar and the European currency amid high oil prices and renewed investor interest in risky assets.
30.12.2021, 16:14
The dollar exchange rate in the course of foreign exchange trading on the Moscow Exchange was traded at the level of 75.03 rubles.
23.12.2021, 15:32
Analysts and fund managers believe there will be attractive investment opportunities in a wide range of sectors in 2022.
23.12.2021, 10:31
The US market has seen 481 initial public offerings this year (excluding SPAC deals), in which companies raised about $167 billion.


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