OREANDA-NEWS The aircraft leasing company Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) lost $537.9 million dollars after the discard of leased aircraft to Russian air carriers, which are now included in the register of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the lessor's financial report for the first quarter of 2022.

At the same time, the chief executive officer of DAE Firoz Tarapor said that the company «actively reacted to the loss of control over the aircraft leased to Russian airlines». According to him, the lessor has already filed claims for $1 billion on insurance policies and expects to file additional claims to compensate for losses. Tarapor also stressed that the company's liquidity and capital adequacy are still high.

In early March, the Federal Air Transport Agency recommended that Russian airlines with aircraft in foreign registries suspend flights abroad, as well as the transportation of passengers and cargo from points on the territory of foreign states to Russia. The decision was made against the background of mass arrests of Russian aircraft abroad.