Bank loans and ratings

14.06.2022, 13:41
Real wages in the UK fell by a record 3.4% in April for the first time in 21 years due to rising inflation.
06.05.2022, 16:33

The lessor has already filed claims for $1 billion on insurance policies and expects to file additional claims to compensate for losses.

02.05.2022, 15:53
The total wealth of the richest entrepreneurs from Russia has decreased by $45.484 billion since the beginning of 2022.
22.04.2022, 11:11
In 2024, the share of Russian GDP in the world will fall to 2.52%, and the share of Indonesia will grow to 2.61%.
12.04.2022, 15:57
The fall in Russia's GDP will reduce the standard of living of the population, as its income will also fall, economist Andrey Bystrov warned Pravda.Ru.
04.04.2022, 10:51
Russian banks refuse to receive credit holidays in at least half of customer applications.
01.04.2022, 17:06

The biggest losses were suffered by the co-owner of Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov, who became four times poorer in just three months.

01.04.2022, 13:41

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree «On the temporary procedure for fulfilling financial obligations in the field of transport to some foreign creditors».

25.03.2022, 10:48
Major Russian banks are considering ways to support mortgage lending in the face of high interest rates.
25.03.2022, 10:44
Apple has notified the Russian National System of Payment Cards (NSPC) that it is suspending support for "Mir" cards in its service Apple Pay.
10.03.2022, 10:33
Visa and Mastercard payment system cards issued in Russia have stopped working abroad and in foreign online stores.
28.02.2022, 12:49
On February 28, the Central Bank of Russia raised the key rate to 20%, after Western countries imposed sanctions against the regulator.
25.02.2022, 12:54
The work of the services of the three largest Russian banks has been disrupted, this was reported by the Downdetector failure registration portal.
07.12.2021, 14:10
Borscht in Ukraine has grown in price 2.6 times over the year, which is due to the unstable situation in the Ukrainian agricultural sector.


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