OREANDA-NEWS. Over 50% of the Russian population use ATMs a couple of times a year, and a third of Russians have completely abandoned ATMs, according to a survey by the Otkritie group. The share of non-cash payments is growing and the popularity of online banking services is increasing. This leads to a drop in interest in traditional devices for replenishing an account and withdrawing cash.

"Every third Russian (30% of respondents) has not used ATMs for a long time, preferring remote formats of interaction with banks. Another 21% answered that they use an ATM several times a year," the study said.

The rest continue to use ATMs: 25% of Russians use them several times a month, 13% weekly, and 11% daily. About 28% of those surveyed said they had reduced their use of ATMs during the pandemic.

As for Moscow residents, they use ATMs even less often. Thus, 36% of the capital's residents do not use ATMs at all, and 23% do it several times a year. Every fourth Muscovite approaches an ATM several times a month. And another 10% use their services several times a week. 6 percent do it daily.

At the same time, 28% of respondents noted that they began to use them less often due to the coronavirus pandemic. And 8%, on the contrary, do it more often than before.