OREANDA-NEWS  Russia could potentially reorient unrealized exports of its products worth $37 billion to the largest countries that have not imposed sanctions. Such an assessment is given in the report "Development of the EAEU 2022+: Strategic objectives and time requirements" of the Russian Council for International Affairs (RIAC), which was reviewed by RBC. Its authors were experts from the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade and officials of the Ministry of Economic Development.

In 2021 (statistics on foreign trade in 2022 are closed), unfriendly countries accounted for 56% of all Russian exports (its total volume is $491.5 billion). Some of the dropped supplies can be redirected to the domestic market, and some — in the amount of $37 billion — can be reoriented to economies that are not aligned to trade sanctions, the report says. According to the authors' calculations, the lion's share of such supplies will fall on China ($ 16 billion), and in total among the largest alternative markets — 15 countries. Potentially, they can buy a wide range of goods in Russia — from minerals and metals to nuclear reactors, seafood and paper. The authors point out that they carried out assessments based on the methodology of the International Trade Center (WTO and UN agency).