OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian payment service KogopaRaw (the international name of Golden Crown) should not be allowed to register its trademark in Sweden. This is the conclusion reached by the Swedish Heraldry Commission at the National Archives of Sweden, which was consulted by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. This was reported by the Swedish magazine Resume and the story was first highlighted by the Kommersant newspaper.

The image of the crown, which is used by the payment service, potentially "infringes" on the symbols of European monarchies, the heraldic commission said.

The Golden Crown logo bears a resemblance to the monarchical symbols of European royal houses due to the so-called stirrups - dome-shaped elements connected between the teeth of the crown. It is this type of crown that has been regarded as a symbol of royalty since the late Middle Ages in Europe, so the KoronaPay logo is "easily confused with a legally protected royal crown,"- according to a commission report cited by Resume.

Golden Crown disagrees with this interpretation, Nikolai Smirnov, chairman of the payment system's board of directors, told RBC. He said the payment service would continue an "ongoing dialogue" with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. "Our arguments are based on the thesis that the image of the crown in the KoronaPay logo does not infringe on the monarchical symbols and historical memory of any country. The crown in the KoronaPay logo can rather be compared to the designation of the crown in the chess piece of a king,"- he explained.

Smirnov argues that it is important for the brand to preserve the continuity of the logo in different countries. The image of the crown "creates recognition" for key customers in the form of migrant workers, despite the different names of the parent and European structures of the company. Therefore, according to Smirnov, KogopaRaw plans to defend its position before Swedish regulators.