OREANDA-NEWS. Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management of the PRUE GV Plekhanov Ayaz Aliyev said that the new EU sanctions do not have a strong impact on the ruble exchange rate. However, it may strengthen if Europe agrees to pay for gas in rubles, he said in an interview with the PRIME agency.

The strengthening of the ruble occurs not because the EU countries cannot agree on new sanctions, but because measures have been introduced for the mandatory sale of 80% of foreign exchange earnings by exporters, there is a restriction on the free purchase of foreign currency, the transfer of gas payments to rubles, as well as a trade surplus, Aliyev explained.

He added that the strengthening of the ruble could be the stronger, the more countries agree with Moscow's proposal to pay in its national currency. At present, only this intention of Hungary is known.

Earlier, the executive director of the capital market department of IC UNIVER Capital, Artyom Tuzov, said: the equilibrium exchange rate of the dollar to the ruble will be 74 rubles per dollar. The expert called such a course beneficial for the Ministry of Finance. The ruble is currently strengthening due to the supply of the currency, which exceeds demand, he explained.