OREANDA-NEWS. Fraudsters, against the background of the growth of the bitcoin rate, began to actively send letters to Russians with offers to invest in this type of cryptocurrency. The main scheme of deception was named to RIA Novosti by the project manager of the All-Russian Popular Front "For the Rights of Borrowers" Yevgeny Lazareva.

With the help of mailing lists, attackers can implement two schemes for deceiving people: steal their data and lure them into a financial pyramid. In the messages, the scammers write that bitcoin "has again gone to records", and that you can take "a part of the profit of about two pieces of green per day".

You cannot reply to the email address from which the newsletter came. The server informs that such an e-mail does not exist, this indicates spam mailing, the expert noted. Clicking on the link steals the user's identification data for advertising purposes or downloads malicious software in the background.

In addition, the text of the letter contains an appeal to invite friends and relatives, which is a sign of a pyramid. Everything can start with a "symbolic thousand or two", and end with millions of credits and the loss of all savings, warns Lazareva.

Earlier, on October 20, the bitcoin rate broke a historical record, having risen to almost 66 thousand dollars apiece. However, on October 27, the cryptocurrency crashed to $ 58,132.