OREANDA-NEWS. To national debt of the USA predicted new records. By 2049 it can reach 144% of GDP of the country. Every second the debt of America increases approximately by $2 million. More than $50 thousand obligations of the country on average are the share of one U.S. citizen.

According to analysts, this year the national debt will make 78% of GDP, and in 10 years will increase already to 92%.

The budget deficit and norms stated in the current legislation of the USA are called the reason of "unprecedented" growth.

Management suggests to make changes to the current legislation in the nearest future to stop growth of a national debt. However, it is emphasized in the document, corrections need to be made reasonably. So, it is explained in the document if the Congress cancels - that is supported by many politicians - the changes in programs of taxation and the public expenditures established by the legislation, the national debt can increase up to 219% of GDP.

Experts consider that increase in a national debt of the USA would threaten with nothing to either America, or the whole world if the trade wars which are not launched by Trump.