OREANDA-NEWS  Money transfers of individuals from Russia to a number of neighboring countries last year increased to almost $ 24 billion - this is 2.45 times more than the results for 2021, according to statistics from local central banks, which was analyzed by RIA Novosti. Such data are published by regulators of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan became the absolute leader in the amount of transfers by the end of last year: an individual transferred $ 14.5 billion from Russia to this country - 2.6 times more than in 2021. And in terms of growth rates, Kazakhstan took the lead: money transfers to this country from Russia increased more than sixfold - up to $ 773 million.

Georgia has almost not lagged behind Kazakhstan: transfers there from Russia showed a five-fold increase last year, increasing to $ 2 billion. Transfers to Armenia also grew almost as actively: compared to 2021, they increased fourfold, to $3.6 billion.