OREANDA-NEWS. Russian export companies have encountered difficulties in selling foreign exchange earnings on the market, Vedomosti writes. It is noted that in the current conditions, reserve currencies do not find demand on the exchange due to several reasons. Firstly, importers do not need such an amount of currency due to a sharp drop in the supply of goods against the backdrop of Western sanctions and, accordingly, problems with logistics. Secondly, the current restrictions on the use of the currency and the manipulations associated with it have reduced the interest in it from individuals and legal entities.

Exporters faced difficulties in selling foreign exchange earnings on the market. Companies do not find demand for currency in the market: the volume of imports to Russia has fallen sharply due to EU sanctions, as a result of which importers do not need such a volume of currency as before. In addition, quite significant restrictions on the use of the currency remain, the text of the article says.

Earlier, economist Grigory Bazhenov said that the Central Bank may ease restrictive measures on the purchase of foreign currency in Russia, subject to a decline in hype and panic. The expert suggested that the regulator may allow the purchase of more currency, as well as simplify transfers abroad.

As reported earlier, the Central Bank returned the opportunity for banks to sell cash to Russians from April 18. Credit institutions will be able to trade only in the currency that will go to the cash desks from April 9. In addition, the Russians were allowed to withdraw cash in euros. They can do this from April 11 and only from deposits that were open before March 9.