OREANDA-NEWS. The head coach of the Argentine football club «Ferro» Mauricio Romero received a gunshot wound during a match of the third division of the national championship with the team «Urakan». This is reported by the Sport Bible portal.

During the match, some of the fans ran onto the field, and a scuffle began. One of the fans started shooting and hit Romero in the shoulder. The players and referees fled to the podium, taking the coach who had fallen on the lawn with them.

The game was stopped with the score 3:1 in favor of «Urakan». Later it became known that Romero's injury was not serious, his life is not in danger. According to the source, the incident occurred due to a conflict between fan groups. Romero is going to involve the police in the proceedings.

Recall that in 2003, as part of the youth national team of Argentina, Romero took fourth place at the World Youth Championship in the UAE. At the tournament, he played matches against the teams of Spain, Uzbekistan, Mali, Egypt, the USA and Brazil. In the same year, Mauricio competed at the South American Youth Championship in Uruguay.